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Eat Halal Food

Posted by Arqustany Putra Friday, October 2, 2009


Islam teaches people to eat to live not live to eat. As such, what one eats becomes important. Eating moderately and wisely is related to other undertaking of the life of a Muslim, like performing the daily prayers and fasting in Ramadhan. All these are instructions from God. So, if a Muslim eats haram (unlawful) items purposely, it is just the same as to say that he has no confidence in or respect for God's Advice, he is even defiant. Thus, Muslims obey to remain pure in body and soul as for or possible.

What really is halal food

Halal means lawful and halal food are food items and drinks prepared under strict Muslim dietary laws. Haram (unlawful) items include birds and beasts of prey like hawks and tiger, food that has been offered to idols the flesh of animals that are already dead before slaughtering, blood and certain animals like monkeys and rats. The common non-Muslim food which are prohibited to Muslim include pork, by products of pork like ham and lard and liquor.

Halal (lawful) animals, like chicken, sheep, cattle must be slaughtered by Muslim because a short prayer said when they were slaughtered. Also, these animals are slaughtered with very sharp knives and in such a way as to effect :
1) quick death
2) through drainage of blood.

Aquatic animals like fish need not be slaughtered because :
1) they die quickly when then leave water
2) they do not have much blood as birds and land animals.

Food items with animal gelatin and cakes and fruit punch with liquor added are also not permissible.

As for a medicine which contains haram ingredients, like alcohol, a Muslim will decide whatever that medicine is really necessary for the cure of the sickness or disease he has, if it is, then the medicine becomes obligatory for the Muslim to take. The logic is that the patient is not taking the medicine because of the haram ingredients in it, like people consuming alcohol drink to enjoy it, but here, he is taking the mixture of table/capsules as medicine in the hope of getting a cure for his aliment.

Why do Muslims refrain from eating pork?

In Islam, eating pork is sinful because God prohibits it. However the Quran does not give the exact reason or reasons for its prohibition. It goes without saying that if one believes in God, one should obey Him without question. In a command, no reasons are given. The reasons are hidden. For instance, no reasons need be given to such notices as "No parking", "No smoking", "No swimming", etc, although there are reasons for putting up these notices.

Although God knows what is best for His creation, it is good for Muslims to find out the reasons for the prohibition. In the Quran, the prohibition of eating pork is mentioned in four chapters, namely, chapters 2, 5, 6, and 16. In chapter 5, for instance, God says : "Forbidden to you (for food) are : dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine ..." (5:4).
According to Muslim scholars, pork is bad for the soul. It is also bad for one's nature and health. Food when eaten does not merely enter the intestines and become excreta. It is absorbed and metabolized into the system and circulated to all parts of the body, including the brain. So, if pork is consumed, it will in some way affect the human body physically and his nature. How? The natural characteristic of a pig, presented below should give some answers.

Normally people would tend to disassociate with some one with bad character. For instance parents should warn their children from mixing with bad hats for fear of getting them into trouble. The same applies to eating pork in the realm of the soul. Furthermore, people use such derogatory remarks as "As lazy as a pig", "As fat as a pig", "As dirty as a pig", and "As unashamed as a pig".

Why does Islam prohibit drinking?

To consume intoxicants is sinful. In the Quran, the term intoxicants in used to include liquor, drugs and glue sniffing. In Islam, alcohol is totally prohibited because its harm is greater than its gain. God says, "In them (intoxicants and gambling) is great sin, and some profit, but the sin is greater then the profit." (2:219)

Apart from the spiritual reasons involved in making drinking forbidden, one could have learn of the disasters toll on lives drinking have taken. They have been responsible for landing people in a host of troubles such as nuisances, arrests, fights, accidents, killings, suicides, split marriage, alienating children, families, relatives and friends and ruined careers.


Since, God ask Muslims to eat the halal food and forbid the haram food, it is a responsibility for Muslim to avoiding themselves in taking the haram food. They must be ensure that every food that they are taken are halal. There are the hidden reasons for all those in God's instruction. As the good Muslim we have to obey all those instruction for our own good.


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